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At the end of your leash? We can help.

Training Solutions for Better Behaved Pets.
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Unruly puppy? Badly behaved dog? Less-than-social cat?

Troublesome pet behavior can be frustrating, inconvenient, and embarrassing. Serious behavior problems can be downright frightening—and can cause heartbreak and conflicts within a household.

The good news? You can live happily with your pet.

At Central New York Pet Training & Behavior, we’re with you from start to finish. We coach you one-on-one throughout the training and check in with you via phone or email. We can tell you how to change the distressing behavior and support you with management tips and troubleshooting along the way.

We serve Onondaga County with limited travel to surrounding areas. Please contact us for rates.

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Dog and Puppy Training Classes

CNY Pet Training & Behavior offers dog and puppy training classes, workshops and pet-related seminars. Pre-registration is required. Here's a list of available classes.

  • Puppy Preschool & Social Skills
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Beast on a Leash
  • Control Yourself!
  • Handler's Choice

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Professional & Private One-on-One Training

Private Dog Training

We follow the Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to behavior modification and training.

We can help with bad manners, puppy training and behavioral problems.

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Cat Behavior Solutions

Most common behavior problems can be solved. Severe problems can often be greatly reduced through training.

Don't despair. We can help you change your cat’s behavior.

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What You Get With Us

Customized training program
Convenient in-home service
Step-by-step coaching
Ongoing support
Experienced, professional trainer
Affordable rates

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